Animated and Illustrated the elements for this video directed by Alix Spence.


An animation about a story I was told happened but don't remember! Riffs by Johnny Franck and Angst Shorty theme by Karl Fekete. Guest vocals by Kali Zermeno, Jarrod Alonge, Johnny & Karl (thanks Johnny & Karl for all the help on the audio)!

Screened @ NYC for Midsummer Night Toons IX, Columbus Ohio at Malt Adult #4, Columbus Ohio at PBRx934

For Animation Block Party #14! Storyboarded, designed, animated by me - color/sound/texture/type & fire animation: Karl Fekete

More freelance/animation assist gigs:

Favorite studio gigs/collaborative work from Super77:

Synapse Executive Producer: Rainer Ziehm. Producer: Jonas Amoss. Project Coordinator: Sara Santillan. Director: Super77. Creative Director: Sean Conner. 3D modeling and 3D animation: Andrew Mark. Animation: Sarah Schmidt, Karl Fekete, Chavilah Bennett. Sound Design: Andrea Damiano, Ryan Peoples.

Huffy "Dial Up the Magic" Agency: Brunner. Illustration / Animation: Sarah Schmidt. Creative Director: Sean Conner. Editorial & Post: Justin Russell, Karl Fekete.

Florida Georgia Line "Sundaze" Production Company: Tantrum. Creative Director: Sean Conner. Storyboards/Character Design: Sarah Schmidt. Illustration/Animation: Sarah Schmidt, Karl Fekete. BG/type design: Karl Fekete.