Coming soon! Angst Shorts #3! An animation about a night that I don't remember a lot of unfortunately. Premiered 6/30/17 at Midsummer Night Toons in NYC & 7/20/17 at Malt Adult in Columbus Ohio. Featuring some heavy riffs/voices from Johnny Franck and Jarrod Alonge!

Angst Shorts II (2015) - Leftover teen angst prequel.

Buff Cat (2014) - Rad Fortress collaboration. Rough/clean animation 0:00-1:06 & 1:56-2:15. Flash + After Effects.
Featured on Channel Frederator's Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Bomb Nom (2013) - Sticky notes, pizza, camera, After Effects.

Counting Sheep (2011) - Toon Boom Harmony + After Effects.

Space Puppy (In Space) (2014) - Senior thesis at Columbus College of Art and Design. Backgrounds by Kevin Deasey.
Project updates were tracked on this blog. Played June 2014 at Midsummer Night Toons 6.

Angst Shorts (2014) - Created for fun for Rad Fortress buddies. Leftover teenage angst + Flash + After Effects.

Hardcow (2013) - Toon Boom Harmony + Illustrator + After Effects.

Rager Rick (2013) - Collaboration. Magazine cut-outs, camera, After Effects.