select commercial work

Maroon - Time Bomb (2018) Direction/Storyboards/Animation by me, illustration/design/animated texture zips by Karl Fekete

Owoso - Dirt Mound (2018) - Animated a few segments of this video directed by Mitch Parks (Director/Editor) and Jon Corum (Cinematographer/Colorist)

Ian Sweet - "Shapeshifter" (2018) - Animated the elements for this video directed by Alix Spence.

Animation Block Party 14 Signal Film (2017) - for Animation Block! Storyboarded, designed, animated by me - color/sound/texture/type & fire animation: Karl Fekete

Reverse Circus (2017) - Animation assist. - Directed by Sean Solomon.

Party Legends (2016) - Animation assist. - Directed by Sean Solomon.

Synapse (2016) - With art direction, animated tons of liquid-style cel animation (with assist. from a few more animators on the Super77 team)

Huffy - Dial Up the Magic (2016) - Animation ontop of footage.

Florida Georgia Line (2016) - for an encore at Madison Square Garden.

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